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About us

So the story....... 

I'm not good at writing so we will see how it goes.

My name is Kylie I'm the owner & maker, mum to my beautiful boy Deegen that took us 16 long long years of trying to finally have him here & with my hubby Bill we are a little trio.

Then there are our 2 beautiful fur kids Moki our Pugalier x Tibetan spaniel (I know right but he's gorgeous and oh so loving) he's had a back problem with one of his disks slipping out & caused him to go paralyzed in the back legs, I had one brilliant vet that suggested acupuncture & it worked omg it worked, I'm still shocked about it, He's was back to his old self, up running around chasing the cat within a few weeks.

Kat (my son named him) our black as black cat that loves cuddles from us, but hates everyone else, he was a unwanted little kitten when we got him, & he's turned out to be the best cat we have ever owned even likes to play fetch (better than the dog actually).

So that's the family.

We live in a little town of Heywood Vic with just over 1200 people, it's a great little town, we bought a renos delight home with not even a working kitchen when I was almost ready to pop, did a bit of camping style in the house until we bought in a oven, & slowly have been doing renos, 4 years later still not finished........ But anyway...

Before I was pregnant I was working a full-time+ job in the log industry, I had a pretty easy job of signing in the trucks & managing a yard, but that changed after I fell pregnant & I was in the field, rain, hail & shine doing pretty much like stock take with logs (it's a lot of counting) if you have ever seen the Portland port, every single log that's there is counted.......

So I quit. Best thing I did. 

I'd being trying to find Moki a nice collar that would last but I hadn't been able to find one that was for a price I could afford. I'd always loved working with my hands & love leather, so I made him a collar & then another, then made one for my parents dog, then my brother in laws . That's when it started.

I've worked myself up from only having one hide and a few tools to having several hides at one time and still working on the tools. I don't have a sewing machine yet & not sure if I will ever get one so if it's a stitched item it's hand stitched which I think is a bit more special anyway..

So that's the story I know it wasn't very exciting but thank you for reading anyway.