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Rolled country style collars
Rolled country style collars
Rolled country style collars
Rolled country style collars

Rolled country style collars

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Country style rolled collar

They are a classic leather rolled collar and in brass makes them a tad stylish perfect for all.

What would we do without them they love us with all their little hearts why not spoil them a bit.


 handmade with love in Heywood Vic by yours truly.....

Comfortable like they should be!

 You just can't get any better than the classic rolled leather collar.


Collars are measured by neck sizes 


eg: if your dog has a neck size of 42cm you will need the large 


 D ring is located at the start 


In 1.6cm rectangle buckle for the small

1.6mm rectangle buckle medium 

2cm or 2.5cm rectangle buckle wide for large 

& 2.5cm oval buckle for XL +


In solid brass buckle


(Chicago screws and rivets are brass plated)

Vegetable combo tanned leather 

 In beautiful earthy colours.


Small 1.6cm x 19cm-27cm

Medium 1.6cm x 27cm-37cm

Large 2cm or 2.5cm x 37cm-47cm

XL 2.5cm x 47cm-57cm

XXL 2.5cm x 57cm-67cm

XXXL 2.5cm x 67cm-77cm


(If you would like to change widths on smaller sizes eg large to 2.5cm just leave note in neck measurement box)



For the perfect fit add neck measurement or measurement of current collar from buckle to current hole, add these details in notebox



Colours do slightly differ from pics sometimes 


For lifetime lasting add a bit of leather conditioner in every so often, I recommend every 4 weeks or if it starts to feel dry.


Something a little bit more special