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Leather dog leashes

Leather dog leashes

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Australian leather dog leashes

Strong and just a tad stylish

Why not have a matching set 

Beautiful Australian 3.8mm thick tanned leather at 2cm wide, so comfortable in hand you will want to keep walking, that will keep the dog happy as Larry.

If you have a smaller sized dog go for the light weight leashes these ones can be quite heavy.. 

Solid brass or stainless steel hardware for added strength andurability 


Dog leashes made to last a lifetime

Quality guaranteed


3 lengths to choose from 


 90cm is great for the bigger dogs to keep them by your side whilst the 1.5m is great for the smaller ones





For lifetime lasting add a bit of leather conditioner in every so often, I recommend every 4 weeks or if it starts to feel dry.

Something a little bit more special 









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