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Lined Leather Martingale collars

Lined Leather Martingale collars

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Gorgeous leather martingale dog collars 

* To order measure your dog with a soft tape measure, around the neck where a collar would sit place 2 fingers under the tape as well for a comfortable fit, and measure just behind the ears as well . Add both those sizes in the measurement box and pick the closest neck size to add to cart * 


Martingales was originally made for greyhounds and other dogs with necks wider than their head, but it also works well for other breeds,


The collar tightens when the dog pulls on the leash. Tension on the leash causes the smaller loop to tighten, which in turn pulls the larger loop tighter—but not too tight!


And WK&D designs are fully adjustable 


 Made with


Solid brass or stainless swage style buckles

 Leather and solid keepers 

And stainless steel martingale chain (no rust) 

Stitched beautiful backing


 Smaller sizes

Chain length between fittings: 9cm

 D-Ring & O-Ring : 3mm

2cm wide leather


Medium is available in a smaller chain and thicker chain  


Larger sizes

Chain length between fittings: 10cm

D-Ring & O-Ring : 4mm thick

 2.5cm wide leather

Vegetable tan leather 

In beautiful earthy colours


* Please add neck measurements in box for the perfect fit *



Small 2cm x 19cm-27cm 

Medium 2cm x 27cm-37cm

Medium 2.5cm x 27cm-37cm 

Large 2.5cm x 37cm-47cm

 XL 2.5cm x 47cm-57cm

 XXL 2.5cm x 57cm-67cm


 Get it personalised with a 10mm or 6mm size name or ph

pH numbers are in 6mm font only

 Unfortunately i cant fit both names and numbers on small and medium 

Colours do slightly differ from pics sometimes  


For lifetime lasting add a bit of leather conditioner in every so often, I recommend every 4 weeks or if it starts to feel dry.




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