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ID & Medical ID Leather Collars

ID & Medical ID Leather Collars

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I need these measurements to make sure it slips over the head nicely


The worst word you will ever hear!

But you got a ID collar on them!

Thats at least going to be one of the best chances to get them home

(These are not normal collars, ID collars only)


Made at neck measurement plus 3cm for a comfortable fit and easy slip over the head 


🔸️Perfect for when walking with a harness and theres just no place to put council tags 

🔸️Phone numbers directly on them just in case the tags fall off 

🔸️Put their ID tags onto the ring 

🔸️Even add I AM CHIPPED onto the collar for quick acting 


Doesn't cost an arm and leg 

Just a happy tail wagging pooch 

Comfortable too,  not tight on the neck, sits like a bit of jewellery 

Grab one in their neck size and easily slip straight over their heads 



1cm for sizes upto 45cm

1.5cm for over 45cm 


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