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The adjustable Martingale collar

The adjustable Martingale collar

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The martingale the design was originally intended for greyhounds and other dogs with necks wider than their head, but it also benefits other breeds,

It provides more control without choking

And it's fully adjustable 

For a perfect fit pick a size that the neck measurement is in-between my sizes eg comfortable neck measurement is 42cm grab a 37cm-47cm.


Solid brass hardware

And stainless martingale chain


Vegetable tan leather

In beautiful earthy colours


Small 2cm x 19cm-27cm

Medium 2cm x 27cm-37cm

Large 2.5cm x 37cm-47cm

XL 2.5cm x 47cm-57cm

XXL 2.5cm x 57cm-67cm


For the perfect fit add neck measurement if odd sized, add these details in checkout notebox


Colours do slightly differ from pics sometimes 


All of my items are lovingly hand made to order, please allow me time to create usually 7-10 days. 


 Leather is not meant for the water but if it does happen to get a bit wet wipe dry with a clean cloth and leave to dry naturally 


For lifetime lasting add a bit of leather conditioner in every so often, I recommend every two weeks or if it starts to feel dry.


Something a little bit more special